Tourist Spots in Nara

Hello, everyone.
I will introduce Japan mainly around Nara from today.

Now the center of Japan is in Tokyo.
Not in Nara.
But once upon a time, Nara prefecture was the center of politics, culture and economy of Japan. (Approximately 4th to 8th centuries)
As a result, there are many historical buildings and national treasures in Nara.
Some are registered as The World Heritages.
"Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area"
"Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara"
"Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range"
Horyuji is the oldest wooden building in the world.
The Buddha of Nara is the largest casting Buddha in the world.

And there are many other good things in Nara,too.
There are good food,beautiful park, interesting souvenir, cute animal.
Naturally, there are many Japanese-style things, too.
You will be able to do various exciting experiences.
I say Nara prefecture is the great tourist resort.

I often stroll in Nara.
While I'm strolling, I'm watching and thinking about something around.
I'll write them here.
Maybe you can feel that you are in Nara and strolling with me.
I hope you will do that.
See you.

[ Area and population of Nara prefecture ]
Area: approximately 3,700 km2
Population: approximately 1,400,000

[ Area and population of Japan ]
Area: about 380,000 km2
Population: Approximately 130 million

(September 22, 2017)