The restaurant called Todaiji Emado-chaya

In the precincts of Todaiji Temple there is a restaurant called Emado-chaya.
There you can eat while watching Nigatsudo Hall and Hokkedo Hall nearby.
[ The restaurant in Nara City tourist spot to introduce today ]
I introduced Kaizando hall of Todaiji temple yesterday.
There are Nigatsudo hall and Hokkedo hall beside the Kaizando hall.
And there is a restaurant named Todaiji-Emado-chaya near them.

The restaurant named Todaiji-Emado-chaya

"Chaya" means a teahouse, but you can eat cuisines.
[ Food sample (Fake food) ]
In front of the restaurant there was a signboard with photos of cuisines.

The signboard with  photos of cuisines of Todaiji-Emado-chaya

And food samples were also exhibited.

The food samples of Todaiji-Emado-chaya

In Japan, there are many restaurants where food samples are displayed.
The main cuisines of the restaurant are displayed and the price of each is displayed.
I think food sample is very easy to understand what kind of cuisine there is in the restaurant.
However, since this food sample does not remake easily after making it, it may be slightly different from the actual cuisine.
It seems that food sample was exhibited for the first time at a restaurant in department store in Tokyo in 1923.
In the early days it was made of wax, but it began to be made of synthetic resin around 1970.
Food samples are basically made by hand one by one because the shape, color, and arrangement of dishes offered at restaurants are different even for the same dish.
[ The table by the window in the Todaiji-Eimado-chaya ]
I sat at the table by the windowt facing the street.
The customer was only 1 person and 1 pair besides me.
Everyone was sitting at the window table.
From the window we can see Nigatsudo hall and Hokkedo hall.

Nigatsudo hall and Hokkedo hall from the window of Todaiji-Emado-chaya

So we can see Nigatsudo hall and Hokkedo hall while having food.
I think that it is better to sit at the window table in this restaurant.
[ Menu of the Todaiji-Eimado-chaya ]
There was a menu on the table.
The menu was written not only in Japanese but also in English.
I ordered a ebi-tendon.
In English it was written "Tempura-style shrimps and egg over rice in a bowl".
One person of the customers ordered udon.
The pair ordered shaved ice.
Since the number of customers was small, the cuisines ordered came out without waiting for a long time.

Ebi-tendo of Todaiji-Emado-chaya

Ebi-tendo is my favorite food.
It is a bit sweet soy sauce taste.
I was hungry so I ate it in no time.
In this restaurant you can eat rice porridge of Nara cuisine named "Yamato-no-chagayu".
In English the menu said that "Nara Local food" Rice Porridge (boiled rice in roasted green tea).
It seems that the rice porridge is popular among many people.
However the rice porridge is not my favorite food.
The rice porridge has a thin taste.
And I lose interest in eating rice porridge because of having eaten it too often when I was a child.
[ Todaiji-Emado-chaya ]
The signboard of the restaurant's name is written by a famous calligrapher named Sakaki Bakuzan.
The person in charge of the restaurant said the following.
There used to be an Emado hall around here.
The restaurant was named Todaiji-Emado-chaya after the hall.

[ Opening hours and location of the Todaiji-Emado-chaya ]
Opening hours: 11:00 - 16:00
location: 407 Zoshicho, Nara city
[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude ]
In Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.
(1)Todaiji-Emado-chaya: N34.68863 E135.84366

(July 5, 2018)