Daiso of 100-yen shop

There are 100-yen shops in Japan.
In many of those stores, they sell most items for 100 yen without tax.
There are shops selling for 100 yen including tax.
There is one shop near the Kintetsu Nara station.
It is in the Higashimuki shopping mall.
This is the shop.
It is called Daiso.

Daiso of 100-yen shop

Many of the items are 100 yen without tax.
And some items are sold at 200 yen or 300 yen as an exception.
I think that they have items of around 1000 yen.
There are a lot of good products that I can not think of 100 yen as 100 yen goods.
Many tourists use there,too.

[Approximate Latitude / Longitude]
On Google Maps, you can examine the location by latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.

Daiso: N34.68346 E135.82869

(November 11, 2017)