Sanjo-dori Street

Hello, everyone.
I'm going to go to "kaika-tennou Kasuganoizakawanosakanoenomisasag‚‰" from JR Nara station today.

[JR Nara Station]

Here is the platform of the JR nara station.
This station has a platform on the 3rd floor.
I go down stairs or elevator because the ticket gates are on the 2nd floor.
The elevator is located near the center of the platform.

When you leave the ticket gate, there is a bus ticket office on your left.
This ticket office has a window that you can ask in English.
I go to the exit on the right side for going to Nara park.
I saw outside just before the stairs.

A bus terminal is spreading in front of the station.
A mountain can be seen in the distance.
That direction will be on the east side.

[Nara City Tourist Information Center]
When I went down to the first floor, I saw a brown building ahead.

This building is a building of the former Nara station, and it is now used as Nara City Tourist Information Center.

There is luggage deposit just right on entering.
There is a brochure on the left.
There are many brochures in Japanese, English and several languages.

The middle is information.

There is Starbucks Coffee beyond that.
In this area there are several information centers.
I leave here and walk a little to the intersection.

[Sanjodori St.]

This street running straight ahead is Sanjo Dori.
When Japanese capital was in Nara about 1300 years ago, the main road from east to west was made at about 500 meters intervals with Emperor's Palace as the northern tip.
From the north side, it was named Kita(north)ichi(one)jo(streak)oji(main street), Minami(south)ichijooji, Ni(two)jooji, San(Three)jooji,....
And that Sanjooji is Sanjo-dori.

At the end of this street, there are many sights around Nara Park.
The signal at this intersection is a pedestrian separation.
We must be careful not to accidentally cross over with signals for cars.


I walked about 400 meters from the previous intersection.
There is something on the left side.
It is a different view around there.
What is this?
It's an ancient burial mound.
This burial mound is called "Kasuganoizakawanosakanoenomisasagi"
And it's said to be the mausoleum of Emperor Kaika.
He is the ninth emperor about 2100 years ago.
Because there are no records about what Emperor Kaika did ,it is unknown what Emperor he was.
There are about 30 such burial mounds in Nara prefecture.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots ]
On Google Maps, you can examine the location by latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.

Nara City Tourist Information Center: N34.68172 E135.81976
Kasuganoizakawanosakanoenomisasagi: N34.68211 E135.82439

(September 25, 2017)