The Isagawa river and the Waka

The tourist spot that I will introduce today is Isa-gawa river in Nara.
And I will introduce you a waka written with the river as a theme.
There is Isagawa-jinja shrine which is famous for lilies festival in Nara.
[ Waka ]
There is a stone monument on the right side of entering the torii of the shrine.

A stone monument in Isagawajinja

A waka is written in the stone monument.
Waka is a short Japanese poem.
The basic composition of this poem is as follows.
This poem consists of five chunks.
The first chunk is five tones.
The second chunk is seven tones.
The third chunk is five tones.
The fourth chunk is seven tones.
The fifth chunk is seven tones.
Waka is a poem written with only 31 tones.
Waka is written about various things.
There are many waka written with river as a theme.
One of these waka is written on the stone monument.


We read it as "Hanekazura imasuruimowo urawakami izaizakawano otonosayakesa."
It is made with just 31 tones.
This is one of the collections of poetry called Manyoshu made in the Nara era.
In addition, stone monuments are written with hiragana letter and kanji character, but the original Manyoshu collection is all written in kanji character only.
I translate each chunk literally as follows.
The first chunk is "hair ornament".
The second chunk is "to a young lady trying to put it on her hair now."
The third chunk is "How Innocent it is".
The fourth chunk is "Hey,hey call her. Oh, Isa-gawa river"
The fifth chunk is "How pure the sound of the river is".
Interpretation of the contents of the entire poem varies from person to person.
I think that this waka means "I want to call her because it is an innocent lady who are placing feathers on her hair. At that time I wonder what the sound of the river I heard is pure."
[ Isa-gawa river ]
The Isa-gawa river which is in the waka is the river that flows on the south side of Isagawa-jinja shrine.
But now we can not see the river there.
Actually, most part of this Isa-gawa river has become culvert.
There are traces of the Isa-gawa river in several places.

Trace of the Isa-gawa river

Trace of the Isa-gawa river

Trace of the Isa-gawa river

This river flows about 4 kilometers from the south side of Sarusawa-ike pond and joins the Saho-gawa river.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots etc. ]
In Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.
(1)Stone monument: N34.68128 E135.82597

(June 1, 2018)