Barley tea in the summer in Japan

Summer is coming soon.
Speaking of summer drinks, I think it is barley tea in Japan.
Many people drink it often in the summer.
[ Japanese food in Nara city to introduce today ]
Well, there were many rainy days last week, and there were many cool days.
But this week there is not much rain and hot days continue.
The tsuyu is not yet over.
(The tsuyu is the rainy season from late spring to early summer in Japan.)
Although, I think that it will be almost the end of the tsuyu next week.
When the tsuyu is over, it becomes a full summer.
[ Bottled barley tea ]
Barley tea is often drunk in Japan as a summer drink.
This is bottled barley tea sold at convenience stores.

Bottled barley tea

I bought it at Family Mart of convenience store on Sanjo street .

Family Mart of convenience store on Sanjo street

It is a light brown drink.
It is not a dark color like coffee or cola.
It is a little more brown than oolong tea.
It is a color very similar to black tea, but the black tea is slightly reddish.
At the plastic bottle drink, detailed information of the product is displayed.
If there is such a display as below, it is barley tea.

Displayed as barley tea

On the plastic bottle of the barley tea of the previous picture, it is described as follows.

On the plastic bottle

[ History of barley tea ]
Barley tea is made from barley grains.
Barley was transmitted to Japan from China about 1,300 years ago.
And during the Nara period, it was grown nationwide.
(The Nara period is from 710 to 794.)
During the Heian period, it seems that noble people were drinking barley tea.
(Heian period is from 794 to 1192.)
It seems that ordinary people drank during the Edo period.
(The Edo period is from 1603 to 1868.)
However, it seems that they used to drink warm barley tea.
As the refrigerator became popular, the custom of drinking chilled barley tea was born.
[ Basic way of making barley tea ]
The basic way of making barley tea is as follows.
First, wash the barley grains.
Next, let it dry naturally with a sun or a shade.
Then slowly roast the barley grains until it turns brown.
Finally put it in hot water and simmer.
[ How to Make Barley Tea Actually ]
Many people no longer made barley tea in the same way as described above these days.
Most people make barley tea by dipping a tea bag of barley tea in hot or cold water.
Also, there are many people buying bottled tea because they are sold various sizes.

(June 28, 2018)