Sweets Mikasa-yaki

There is a big dorayaki "Mikasa-yaki" as Nara specialty.
About the dorayaki, there are many people who know because it is a favorite of Doraemon, a manga that is being read in the world.

[ Japanese food in Nara ]
This time is not an introduction of tourist spot, but an introduction of Japanese food.
The Japanese food I introduce today is sweets called Mikasakiyaki.
I bought it at the shop called Tsuruyatokuman in Nara.
[ Sweets Dorayaki ]
There is Japanese sweets called dorayaki in Japan.
It is like a pancake sandwiching sweet red bean paste.
The diameter is usually about several centimeters.
I think that some people know because it is a favorite food of cartoon Doraemon.
[ Sweets Mikasaki-yaki ]
There are big dorayaki in the specialty of Nara.
It is called Mikasaki-yaki or Mikasa.
It is sold at many Japanese confectionary shops around Nara Park.
It is also sold at souvenir shops.
Sometimes sweets are given different names other than Mikaka depending on the shop.
[ The Japanese confectionary shop called Tsuruyatokuman ]
There is the Japanese confectionary shop called Sanjo shop of Tsuruyatokuman at Sanjo Street in Nara.

Sanjo shop of Tsuruyatokuman

The main shop of this shop is in Shimomikado shopping mall.

Main shop of Tsuruyatokuman

You can go there from the Sanjo shop in about 5 minutes on foot.
It is said that the shop will be about 120 years since its foundation.
[ Kenjo Mikasa ]
This is the "Kenjo Mikasa" sold at Tsuruyatokuman.
The shop says that since this sweets was presented to the Emperor, the word "Kenjo(present)" is attached to the name of the sweets.

Kenjo Mikasa

Kenjo Mikasa

Kenjo Mikasa

Kenjo Mikasa

It is about 15 centimeters in diameter.
Mashed sweet bean paste was sandwiched in it.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude ]
In Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.
(1)Main shop of Tsuruyatokuman: N34.67939 E135.8291
(2)Sanjo shop of Tsuruyatokuman: N34.68193 E135.82785

(June 22, 2018)