Curry udon noodles

The Japanese food I introduce today are curry udon noodles. I ate at the shop called Kamaiki in Nara.
In the Higashimuki Shopping Mall of Nara there is a udon shop called Kamaiki.

Udon shop called Kamaiki

This is curry udon.

Curry udon noodles

[ Curry ]
Curry udon is the one in which curry is poured over udon noodles.
This is mild curry.
There is a slightly sweetness in the spicy of curry.
I like spicy in case of curry rice, but in case of curry udon I like mild .
I feel curry udon more suitable for mild curry.
Curry is only sauce, ingredients are not found.
I do not know whether ingredients were melted or not contained.
[ Udon ]
Udon is Sanuki style.
That is, this udon are firm noodles.
Actually, there are also several types of udon.
There are firm udon, and there is also soft udon.
In addition, there is also narrow udon, there is also thick udon.
In Sanuki area (present Kagawa prefecture) firm udon is eaten.
For that reason firm udon are usually called Sanuki Udon.
[ Chikuwa ]
As this time I ordered tempura of chikuwa as a topping, so it is put on udon.
Chikuwa is food that baked or steamed fish paste.
It can be eaten as it is, it is delicious.
There are many things to eat with boiled or tempura.
[ Be careful when eating ]
There is one thing that needs to be especially careful when yoy enjoy curry udon.
When eating udon the curry sauce jumps, it may stick to clothes.
I always eat it carefully about it.
You can find white objects that are folded on the tray.
This is a paper apron.
You will hang this on your neck when you eat.
With this you can prevent curry to stick to your chest of clothes.
[ Rice ball ]
Triangular rice ball is on the tray.
In lunch break time, you can get one rice ball for you.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude ]
In Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.
(1)Kamaiki: N34.68299 E135.82878

(May 9, 2018)