This time is not an introduction of tourist spot, but an introduction of Japanese food.
I think that one of the pleasures of the day is lunch.
However, many companies have lunch time of one hour, so businesspersons can not take much meal time except round trip time to restaurant.
So, there are many people who have lunch that can eat quickly.
Such foods include donburimono, curry rice, udon, soba, ramen, hamburgers, etc. in Japan.
Now I will explain the donburimono in these foods.
Donburimono(rice bowl) is a food that puts rice in a bowl and puts ingredients on it.
The name of the dish will change depending on the ingredients to be placed.
Katsudon is topped with a seasoned pork cutlet.
Gyudon is covered with seasoned beef and onion.
Chicken and eggs are used for oyakodon.
Tendon is a rice bowl placed assorted tempura on top.
Tempuri is one of my favorite foods.
There is "Tendon Makino" in the higashimuki shopping mall.

Tendon Makino

In the menu of the tendon, there are "Tendon ih", "Tendon ro", "Tendon ha", "Yasai tedon", " Tennen ebi tendon".
In each, the type and quantity of tempura is different.
Tempura is fried in front of the counter seats.
Various tempura will be fried one after another.

Tendo ro

This is "Tendo ro".
Tempura is put on it so that it seems to spill out of a bowl.
The tempura are Conger eel, Shrimp, Kakiage, Egg, Seaweed laver, Sweet pepper and Flammulina.
The menu said "We recommend".

Tendo i

This is "Tendo i".
The tempura are Shrimp, Squid , Egg, Sweet pepper and Sillago.
And there is also a Seaweed laver that is not tempura on it.
There are many tempura, but the amount of rice is not so much.

[Approximate Latitude / Longitude]
On Google Maps, you can examine the location by latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.

Tendon Makino: N34.68355 E135.8287

(March 3, 2018)