Curry of Japan

This time is not an introduction of tourist spot, but an introduction of Japanese food.
The Japanese food I introduce today is curry and rice.
[Curry inJapan]
It is often said that curry and rice is a national food of Japan.
Many of Japanese people like curry and rice.
There are also survey results that over 70% of Japanese people like curry and rice.
It seems that more than half of Japanese people eat at least twice a month.
We eat curry and rice as home cooking and eat as eating out.
Such curry and rice, of course, Japan is not a food of origin.
The origin of curry is, as you know, Indian cuisine.
But Japanese curry and Indian curry are different.
Because Japanese curry and rice is not directly introduced from India.
It was introduced to Japan via the United Kingdom.
It developed independently into Japanese curry and rice.
It was around 150 years ago that curry and rice was introduced to Japan.
It began to gradually penetrate, but it did not spread to many people.
It started about 60 years ago when it began to spread in earnest.
That is because Curry Rou was sold by each food company and it was now possible to make curry and rice easily at home.
And we started to enjoy curry and rice at home in Japan.
Curry and rice had become like Japanese foods before we knew it.
[January 22 is the anniversary of the curry inJapan]
School lunches are offered at elementary and junior high schools in Japan.
Between 1950 and 1975, curry and rice was not served in school lunches because bread is a staple food.
In 1976 school lunches whose staple food were rice started.
It gradually served more frequent.
The school lunches are offering by each local government, so menus are not nationwide unified.
However, as a result of the decision of the School Dietitian Conference of Japan, on January 22, 1982, curry and rice were served at elementary and junior high schools nationwide.
As a result of this, All Japan Curry Manufacturers Association set this day as an anniversary of the curry.

Nowadays in addition to curry via UK, restaurants offering authentic Indian curry are increasing.
[Curry House CoCo Ichibanya]
The most numerous curry restaurant in Japan is "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya".
In it you can choose the spicy hot of curry.
You can choose not only ordinary spicy hot but also more spicy hot (1 spice to 10 spices).
You can choose the amount of rice, too.
They have various toppings.
This is Curry House CoCo Ichibanyaa in Sanjodori street.

 Curry House CoCo Ichibanyaa in Sanjodori street

This is curry and rice with a Japanese pork cutlet.

Curry and rice with a Japanese pork cutlet

[Approximate Latitude and Longitude of Tourist Spots etc.]
On Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots etc. with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.

(1)Curry House CoCo Ichibanya: N34.6819 E135.8263

(January 27, 2018)