52 stone steps named gojuni-dan

The tourist spot that I will introduce today is the 52 stone steps named gojuni-dan. It is near Kofuku-ji temple in Nara.
There is a stone stairway going up to Kofukuji on the east of Sarusawa pond.
It has 52 stone steps.
It is called Gojuni(52)-dan(steps).
It doesn't look like a tourist spot.
I don't know whether it was 52 steps when it was completed, or it was made in 52 steps.
I heard that this 52 steps represent the step of Buddhist practice.
It is said that this is derived from the story that a child called Zenzai visited 52 intellectuals, studied, and became enlightened.
But since he was 53 people, I can not convince him very much about this origin.
On the other hand, it is said that the step of practice until the Bodhisattva reaches the Buddha is divided into 52.
There are 52 creatures that are said to have gathered and grieved when Buddha (Shaka) died.
We can see hhe Five-Storied Pagoda from the bottom of the stone steps.

52 stone steps named gojuni-dan

We can see the Sarusawa pond from the top of the stone steps.

The top of the stone steps

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots etc. ]
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The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.
(1)52 stone steps: N34.68179 E135.83174

(November 1, 2017)