Guide board in Kofuku-ji temple
- Tourist spots in nara city -

The tourist spot that I will introduce today is Kofuku-ji temple in Nara. However, I will introduce guide boards, not a building.
Guide boards are placed in several places in the Kofuku-ji temple in Nara.
You can easily know the name of the building with it.
An easy placement guide board is placed in front of the Nan'en-do hall and Chukon-do hall.
This is easy to see because it is clearly displayed.
Different guide maps are written depending on where they are located.
Even in the same place, different guide maps are written on the back and front.
It is written so that the direction you saw and the guide map match.
It is very easy to understand.
This is what is in front of the Nan'endo hall.

Guide board in front of Nan'endo

This is what is placed in front of Tokondo hall.

There is a fixed type guide board on the way to the Hokuen-do hall from the Higashimuki shopping mall.
I only saw a fixed type guide board in here in Kokufuku-ji Temple.
It seems that this has been a long time since being installed.
It's getting a bit hard to see because the display is considerably thinner.

A fixed type guide board

However, I prefer this guide map.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots etc. ]
On Google Maps, you can examine the location by latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.
(1)The fixed type guide board: N34.68315 E135.82947

(November 7, 2017)