The Fudodo hall of Kofukiji temple and Goma-hoyo
- Tourist spots in nara city -

The tourist spot that I will introduce today is Fudo-do hall of Kofuki-ji temple in Nara. I will also introduce the goma-hoyo that will be held there.
There are several buildings around the Nan'endo hall of the Kofukuji temple in Nara.
The Hitokoto Kannondo hall, bell tower, chozuya and the Fudodo hall.

[Fudo-do hall]

The Fudodo hall of Kofukuji temple

There are many tourists in front of the Nan'endo hall, but there are few tourists visiting the Fudodo hall.
Occasionally, religious people come to visit there.
[The goma-hoyo]

The entrance of the Fudodo hall

The upper side of the entrance is sooty.
Let's see inside the hall.
Inside the hall is sooty, too.
The Fudo Myoo in the center is also sooty.

The Fudo Myoo of the Fudodo hall

That is because goma-hoyo is held often here.
Wooden sticks are stacked on a table next to the entrance.

A table next to the entrance of the Fudodo hall


You will write a wish on the stick.
That's a goma.
There are also some stamps of common wishes on the table.

Some stamps of common wishes

From the left stamp
Kotsu anzen (To Keep to traffic safety related with one's self)
Yakuyoke kigan (To avoid bad luck)
Shingan Joju (To come true the wish of one's mind)
Nyushi gokaku (To pass the entrance examination)
Shintai anzen (To keep one's physical safety)
Shobai hanjo (To thrive on one's business)
Kanai anzen (To keep one's family from not having an accident or getting sick)
The wishes of the shingan joju do not mean that any wish can be OK.
One's selfish wishes will not come true.
Wish as wanting to do something useful for society will come true.
These stamps are convenient for people who have bad handwriting or who want to quickly write.
Also, it is helpful when you can not remember the kanji of wish.
Please put your goma (the wood stick with your wish) on the left side of the box divider.
A monk burns them when the goma accumulate.
That' the goma-hoyo.
However, you have to put 300 yen into the donation box on the right side of the stics to be burnt your goma.
The instructions are stuck upper the table.

The instructions

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots etc. ]
On Google Maps, you can examine the location by latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I examined.
So they may be wrong.
(1)The Fudodo hall of Kofuku-ji temple: N34.68245 E135.8306

(February 18, 2018)