The Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall
- Tourist spots in nara city -

[ National Treasures in Japan ]
Well, those with high cultural value are designated as "National Treasures" in Japan, and there are about 1100 now.
Among them, there are 131 sculptures and 223 buildings.
55% (72) of that sculpture is in Nara prefecture.
Also, 29% (64) of the building is in Nara prefecture.
The area of Japan is 378,000 kilometers, and the population of Japan is 127 million.
The area of Nara prefecture is 3,691 km2, and the population of Nara prefecture is 1.36 million.
Nara prefecture is very small from the whole of Japan, but there are many national treasures.
[ Tourist spot "The Kofukuji" ]
I recommend that you enjoy Japan in Nara.
Let's go for a stroll around tourist spots in Nara.
The tourist spot that I will introduce today is the Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall in Nara.
There are several buildings in Kofukuji.
This is the Hokuendo(Northern Round Hall) of Kofukuji.
This is a national treasure.

Hokuendo of Kofukuji

This is the Sanjunoto(Three-Storied Pagoda) of Kofukuji.
This is a national treasure.

Sanjunoto of Kofukuji

These are the ToKondo(Eastern Golden Hall) and the Gojunoto(Five-Storied Pagoda) of Kofukuji.
These are national treasures.

ToKondo and the Gojunoto of Kofukuji

There is a building on the north side of the ToKondo.
This is the Kokuhokan(the Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall).
This building is not a national treasure.

Kokuhokan of Kofukuji

In the place where this building is built, there once was the Jikido(Dining Hall).
However, it was demolished by a movement to abolish Buddhism 150 years ago.
And about 60 years ago, a reinforced concrete building was built here as a storehouse of cultural assets of Kofukuji.
The appearance of the building restores the appearance of the Jikido in the Nara period.
Last year, it was closed for seismic reinforcement work, but it opened since January 1 this year.
In this building, the Senju Kannon Bosatsu Statue (national treasure) and other Buddha statues and materials were exhibited in the original Jikido.

[ Approximate Latitude and Longitude of tourist spots etc. ]
In Google Maps, you can find the location of tourist spots with latitude and longitude.
The following latitudes and longitudes are not officially announced, they are what I found out.
So they may be wrong.
(1)Hokuendo of Kofukuji: N34.68343 E135.82995
(2)Sanjunoto of Kofukuji: N34.68225 E135.82971
(3)To-kondo of Kofukuji: N34.68288 E135.83223
(4)Gojunoto of Kofukuji: N34.68245 E135.83223
(5)Kokuhokan of Kofukuji: N34.68341 E135.83255

(January 18, 2018)