The heat has been somewhat alleviated since September 1st.
And yesterday was a cool day for the first time in a long time.
[ Akisame zensen (Autumnal rain front) ]
There are rainy seasons in Japan.
One is the season of tsuyu in June.
The period of the tsuyu season this year was shorter than usual.
And there will be many rainy days in September.
The day before yesterday and yesterday it was raining on and off.
According to the weather forecast, there are many rainy days thia week.
Weather forecast said that this is due to the autumn rain front.
We call the rain by the autumn rain front to Akishame or Shuurin.

[ Nihyakutoka (lit. The 210th day) ]
The current period may rain not only by the autumn rain front but also by typhoon.
There is the word of "Nihyakutoka" in Japan.
Nihyakutoka is the 210th day counting from the day of the beginning of spring of lunar calendar.
This year, September 1 is Nihyakutoka.
It is said that the typhoon often comes on this day.
Although it shifted a little from September 1, a strong typhoon came on September 4 of last week.
I think that many people know that the Kansai Airport suffered severe damage.

[ Hakuro (lit. White Dew) ]
There is Hakuro in one of the Nijusisekki.
Nijusisekki divide a year into 24.
This year, yesterday's September 8 is the day of Hakuro.
In addition, Hakuro is also expressing the period, from September 8 to September 22 it will be Hakuro.
It is said that when it comes to Hakuro, the summer finally finished and autumn is coming really.
Temperatures in the night are getting lower and it will be the beginning of dew of grass leaves.
Yesterday was the day that I felt such a feeling really.

(September 9, 2018)