The custom of the day of the winter solstice

This time is not an introduction of tourist spot, but an introduction of Japanese culture.
I will introduce what the Japanese people are doing on the day of the winter solstice from a long time ago.
Today is toji(winter solstice).
On this day, the time from sunrise to sunset is the shortest within the year.
Today the sunrise of Nara was at 7: 00.
And the sunset was at 16:50.
The time between them was 9 hours and 50 minutes.
The longest of the year was the summer solstice day of June 21, it was 14 hours 29 minutes.
In Japan it has long been said that it is good to do the following on the winter solstice day.
1)You take a bath with some yuzu(Japanese citrons).
2)You eat pumpkin(cooked pumpkin).
It is said that doing these makes it hard to catch a cold.
Predecessors seemed to think so empirically.
And, as for scientific examination of this effect, there seems to be grounds.
We do not usually use yuzu much.
So we usually do not see a lot of yuzu at the store.
I went to the supermarket.
There is a supermarket under JR Nara station.

A supermarket under JR Nara station

Pumpkins and yuzu were lined just in front of the entrance.

Pumpkins and yuzu

This is a supermarket near the northern end of Konishi-dori.

A supermarket near the northern end of Konishi-dori

Pumpkins and yuzu were on sale.

Pumpkins and yuzu

Both shops had lots of yuzu.
However, there were not as many as I thought.
These days, it may be because there are many people who do not notice the winter solstice.
Of course I have taken the bath with yuzu a while ago.

(December 22, 2017)