Many leaves fell in the trees that were turning red.
The autumnal leaves season has also come close to the end.

Leaves have fallen from tree

Leaves have fallen from tree

Leaves have fallen from tree

Most people walking along the street are wearing anti-warm clothes.
In Japan, December are also called Shiwasu.
The name of the month used in the old calendar is also used in the Gregorian calendar.
The characters are as follows.

The characters shiwasu

We read this as "Shiwasu".
The first letter means a teacher or Buddhist priest.
The second letter means run.
From this letter, there are those who say that school teachers who are working calmly and are usually busy moving around.
However, this seems to be incorrect.
This is because the school and the teacher have not been used yet since it has been used since.
Also, it is said that this is a phonetic equivalent.
There are several theories in the etymology of this word.
One of them is written in the Heian era book that the high priest moves around here and there.
However, because it is a private origin, it can not be said that it is very correct.
Regardless of the etymology, it is a fact that many people are doing very well because they are the last month of the year.

(December 4, 2017)