Tsuyu and life

People can not live without water.
So it will be a problem if it does not rain.
However, there are many people who do not like rain because they think that they do not want to get wet by rain or it is troublesome to carry an umbrella.
People have likes and dislikes about the rainy season, but I think there are not Japanese people who do not know the rainy season called tsuyu.
This time I will introduce about the tsuyu as one of the Japanese rainy season.

[ The tsuyu ]
There is no dry season in Japan.
However, there are rainy seasons.
One of them is the tsuyu.
The tsuyu is the period of rain between the end of spring and the beginning of the summer.
The tsuyu is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs as the Baiu front goes gradually from the south of Japan to the north.
Because of this, the tsuyu will be in order from the south area.
Because Japan is a long country from north to south, the timing of entering the tsuyu varies greatly depending on the area.
The period of the tsuyu will be longer because the speed of the rainy front is slow.
However, during the tsuyu there are times when it will be fine, not rain.
It did not rain yesterday morning, there was some blue sky.

Gojunoto of Kofukuji temple

Nan'endo of Kofukuji temple

[ The day that the tsuyu sets in ]
On the calendar, the day when the tsuyu will set in has been decided regardless of the region.
The day is June 11 this year.
Of course, the actual tsuyu sets in earlier or later than the day.
According to the announcement by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the date when the actual tsuyu has set in is as follows.
There is no rainy season in Hokkaido region, the northernmost part of Japan.
Okinawa region: around May 8
Amami region: around May 7
Kyushu Southern region: around May 26
Kyushu Northern region: around May 28
Shikoku region: around May 28
Chugoku region: around June 5
Kinki district: around June 6
Tokai region: around June 6
Kanto Koshin region: around June 6
Hokuriku Region: around June 10
Northeast Southern Region: around June 10
Northeastern Tohoku Region: around June 11
Nara prefecture is in the Kinki region.
[Common occurrences in tsuyu]
During this period tsuyu is frequently taken up on TV.
It often comes up as a theme for people's conversation.
The tsuyu is one of the concerns for the Japanese.
I think the words imagined by many Japanese people about tsuyu are umbrellas, hydrangeas, snails, Teru-teru-bozu and frogs.
Man's umbrella has many black, dark blue and dark brown.
Those umbrellas alone are not very beautiful.
But women have umbrellas of various colors.
Often it looks very pretty when they mix.
They sometimes say umbrella flowers are beautifully blooming.
These days the number of people using vinyl umbrellas of 100 yen is increasing, so it is increasing that umbrella flowers do not bloom beautifully.
Hydrangeas have red, pink, purple and blue ones, but everyone is beautiful.
I particularly like hydrangeas that are wet in the rain.
And there are snails in that place.
There are also children's songs of snails.
Children sing the song happily.
Teru-teru-bozu is a doll made of white paper or cloth.
Children hang it on the eaves and wish to be fine tomorrow.
And frogs are singing in rice fields.

(June 12, 2018)