The phrase KiDoNiTaChiKaKeSeShiIShokuJu for conversation

The Japanese life culture I introduce today is the phrase to think about topics. .It is "KiDoNiTaChiKaKeSeSiIShokuJu".
[ Weather ]
I think that the weather is one of the concerns for most travelers.
If it is cold you will prepare warm clothes and if it is hot you will prepare cool clothes.
If it seems to rain a lot, rain gear will be well prepared.
Perhaps you may change the timing and destination of the trip.
Of course, I think that the degree of interest and correspondence differs depending on the person.
[ Topic of conversation ]
Such weather information is frequently taken up as a topic of conversation.
In Japan there is a phrase "KiDoNiTaChiKaKeSeShiIShokuJu".
It is a phrase like a magical spell.
This is a phrase that you can use when thinking about topics in conversation.
It is very convenient if you do not immediately come up with a topic when you start a conversation, or if you are talking and the topic gets cut off.
It is a acronyms of common topics.

Phrase for conversation

For example, "ki" means to talk about climate related issues such as weather and temperature.
"Good weather today, is not it?"
"The wind is comfortable, too."
"I feel like sports like this outside on such a day."
"What kind of sports do you like?"
You will use it like this.
Even if the topic breaks down, you recall this phrase and start talking about it that has not come out today.
However, "se" must fully consider the partner and place of talking.
If you put that topic on the wrong opponent in out of place, it will be awful.

(April 12, 2018)