New Year's Holiday

In Japan, most office workers are on vacation every year from about December 29th to about January 3rd.
Depending on the circumstances of each company or due to various circumstances it may be slightly off.
We call "goyo-osame" or "shigoto-osame" to end work on the day before the holidays.
Also, we call "goyo-hajime" or "shigoto-hajime" to start work on the next day of the holidays.
Many people will do "goyo-osame" or "shigoto-osame" on December 28th and "goyo-hajime" or "shigoto-hajime" on January 4th.
The holidays are different for most people from regular holidays.
Some persons do "oosoji" on the vacation.
"oosoji" is to do thorough cleaning carefully.
In the past most people were doing, but many people don't do these days.
Many people do shopping for the New Year.
We are going to get for special cuisines for New Year, mochi, and decorations for New Year.
In the past, most families had cooked New Year's cuisine (called "osechi"), but these days more people have purchased it.
Many people decorate for New Year 's Day.
Many people have simplified this as well.
Many people living in urban areas return to their home town.
As many people move, transportation and roads get crowded.
Some people go to their family temples, offer new year's offerings, and confirm next year's Buddhist memorial services.
Some people do various things to finish the year.
So many people are busy on the year-end holiday.
Also, at the beginning of the year, many people visit shrines and temples.
Many people go out for New Year's greeting.
Some people have partys with parents, brothers and friends.
So many people spend on busy on the beginning of the year.
Some people travel on the holidays.
But the trip is not for visiting sightseeing spots but for relaxation.

I strolled around Nara Park on January 4th.
It was very cold.
Deer were relaxing around the Nara Park.

Deer in the Nara Park

Deer in the Nara Park

Deer around the Nara Park

I think that the deer spent relaxing during the Year-end and New Year holidays.

(January 6, 2018)