In Japan, we say "Your inside pocket is warm" when you have a lot of money.
Every December is the month when many people working in Japan their inside pockets are warm.
There is a system called "bonus" in Japan as well.
However, it seems to be different from Western countries.
In the West, the bonus seems to be given only to a specific person at a special time.
Japan, it is usually given in June and December every year.
And unless there are special circumstances, it is given to most people working regularly, not to specific people.
This month is December for the bonus.
It is decided by the law that civil servants will be given a bonus on December 10th.
It was Sunday this year, so it was paid on Friday before that.
There is the Nara prefectural office and the Nara district court on the north side of Nara Park.

Nara prefectural office

Nara district court

The inside pocket of almost the civil servants who work there are warm last Friday.
It is usually paid to employees of private companies after about the same day.
Therefore, in Japan, many people make special shopping this month.

(December 14, 2017)