Shogi (Japanese chess)

In Nara Park, the deer were relaxed as usual.

Deer in Nara Park

We have a game called Shogi in Japan.
Like chess, this is said to be the origin of ancient Indian Chatranga.
The fact that shogi is very different from chess is that you can use the other party you took.
This is a shogi set that was sold for 108 yen at Daiso of 100 yen shop.

A shogi set that was sold for 108 yen at Daiso of 100 yen shop

There are pieces, a paper board and a Japanese explanatory leaflet in it.

pieces of shogi

a paper board of shogi

I separated the pieces from the tree of pieces and arranged them on the board.

pieces on a paper board

It is not in various shapes like chess pieces.
The color of every piece is also one color.
It is not a cheap item because it is like this.
Unlike chess, the color of the opponent's piece is different from myself.
Both are the same color, so you can use the pieces you took.
This is a big difference between chess and chess.
I will introduce how to play Shogi on another day.
There are professional chess players in shogi, there are some title fights.
In the title battle there are there are Meijin, Osho, Oi, Kisei, Kio, Oza, and Ryuo.
There is a title game every year, and the winner holds the title until the winner of the following year is decided.
In the title of the Ryuo, if you won the title five consecutive periods or five times in total, you will be given the permanent title of the Eisei Ryuo.
In yesterday's news, I heard that Mr.Hanyu won the title of the Ryuo this year and won the title for the seventh period, he was given the title of the Eisei Ryuo.
This is not big news.
Actually, Mr.Hanyu is given six other permanent titles so he won seven titles in all.
It is the first time for a chess player to have all these seven titles.
For this reason, it became big news.
This year, there was another news in the world of shogi.
Shota Fujii, a junior high school student chess player, won 29 consecutive victories after professional debut.
This is also the first in history.
Because of this news, it seems that the popularity of children's shogi is rising.
Chess and shogi are similar, but different.
Both have different fun.
If you like to play chess, I think that you can find fun different from chess when playing shogi.

(December 7, 2017)